Kumara Parvatha Trek Trail cleanup

Kumara parvatha is one of the highest peak in Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary in the western ghats of karnataka. It’s an epic amalgamation of history, mythology and trekker’s heaven. The forests with myraid trees and the agriculture fields of Dakshina kannada smiling with magnificence of tender crops in the west.

These days the heaven is getting polluted due to excess usage of plastic and this degradable growth rate is at alarming rate and wreaking havoc with this fragile ecosystem. The ugly truth of this is plastic bottles, cans and their by-products are found for kilometers which directly affects animals living in the forest.

Hence our mission is to clean these trek trail which will bring back this heaven with clean air and surrroundings. This mission is channelised through every trek team who will visit to kumara parvatha. Each team will be handed over eco-friendly bags through which they can collect wastes along the trek trails they find and help us make this better. Join us and create an impact 🙂

Clean up Trek drives

Cleanup drive is a kickstart drive which will enable us to map out the mission in a broader way.

Eco Bags For Trekkers

Giving trash bags for trekkers so that trekkers will bring back plastic

Dustbin Installation and Maintenance

To reduce litter Dustbins are must. But always installation a maintenance is always challenging.