Cleanup Nov-17-18: 

We have conducted Kumaraparvatha cleanup drive on Nov -17:18-2018.

With the group of 7 people trekked to Kumaraparvatha, donated 100 Trash bags to Forest Department. Forest officer Mr. Abhilash received the bags and we updated the purpose of our visit and the pupose of trash bags to officer.

When people trekking to Kumaraparvatha, they will receive a Trash bag from forest Dept, they can tighten the bag to their waist. So they can put plastic or any non-degradable things to bag, instead of throwing. Once they reach back to forst dept, they can throw the trash in dustbins kept over there and handover bag back to forst office.

On 18 morning we reached to the peak, we picked up the plastic trash on the peak and also while getting down. We able to collect 2-3 bags of plastic and dumped collected plastic to dustbin kept in Forest dept.

Hope we will be conducting more drives to cleanup Kumraparvatha and also try to eductate trekker to not throw the plastic on trek trail.